The fastest way to waste time is obviously to wander around the internet for ages and ages. How many times have we not found ourselves in situations of which we thought: shit, I wish this shit didn’t exist (regarding studying and all). People photoshop the bodies of Britney Spears and Obama together to see what that would look like, they make useless websites literally called theuselessweb ( ) and what not. You name it, on the Internet you’ll find it or are you able to do it. Concerning this time wasting, there are different types we can sketch regarding Internet behaviour
I divide them as follows:

#1. In Your Face Twitter- psycho.
Checking out one useless website after another, starting hate conversations on Facebook, chatting it up with that cutie you met last night, spamming your sister with hearts and love you’s all on her wall, posting embarrassing pictures of you and your best friend and reminding everyone how FABULOUS your time is and basically telling everyone how sorry you feel for them not to have such a best friend…. Adding 300 unknown people and start following stupid celebrities like Pamela Anderson because # that # makes # you # look # like # someone # who # loves # everyone # as # they # are12$@$5###. Should I continue? 

#2. Over-addictive Gamer
Honestly, if you need a specific detailed portrait of this type, I’d suggest you’d check out 9GAG and pay special attention to the ”Friendzone”-memes. In addition, the label says it all as well.

#3. Geeky-Geek-hungry-for-scientific-information-to throw-in-your-face-during-irrelevant-discussions. 
There’s nothing like knowing how to explain Einstein’s relativity theory or sketching out how a whale reproduces, especially if that has nothing to do with the conversation going on at that time. Such a shame though, since the Geek is indeed highly intelligent, but the lack of social skills prevents him/her of using the knowledge correctly.

#4. Teenage Bieber Lovers (because no mature adults love Bieber right?) 
You find the affectionate comments of them under each and every YouTube video of Mister Babyface himself. Also, if you try to attack and push them in the ”right” direction of imagining a life without him, you might as well go straight to jail to have a safe shelter, because they’ll hunt you down. Virtually that is of course, because their tiny muscles would never be able to physically harm you.

#5. The moms and the dads. 
I don’t know about you, but my dad is definitely not born to cope with techology such as the Internet. I mean honestly I can’t really blame him for having difficulties, because even I loose track of knowing how to look up stuff decently, but still

#6. Average Aimy. 
They are average in looking up information, average in website-editing, average in spamming other people’s wall’s on Facebook and average in having an online addiction for certain popstars. They aren’t as addicted to playing online games as gamers, and they usually don’t participate in online arguments because they know they should rather spend time on applying for a JOB.

#7. The Freak
”Imagine a life without Internet”, is what people nowadays say to stress out the inability to ever live without it, because that answer is usually what results from it. The Freak simply cannot live without The Internet, it’s impossible. Growing up in a digital era means it is impossible to undo this era.
The phone connected to Internet, the iPod logged into Facebook and the computer showing his/her favorite series is switched on at ALL times. Obviously it is highly unlikely to ever find this person on a plane, because airplane-mode simply won’t suffice. 

#8. The-40-year-old-virgins
No, don’t start to call me names yet, because this can either be a guy (yes) but also a woman!
Trust me, I’m not ignorant so I know there’s also women out there who pretend to have a different age and pretend to have a D cup, unwrinkled face and a barbie waist whereas they have not.
Of course, these types are the creepy ones. On the look out for young victims to vicuously drag them into their caves, brrr.

#9. Forever-Alone’s
If it is up to me I’d ban all those commercials who encourage people to find the loves of their dreams online (because it can result into #8 and strip your wallet). Seriously, the best recipe is still to get your ass OFF the couch and talk to a random stranger out on the street. It saves you time, you know the person looks like he/she looks and it is easier to sort them out by their flaws or advantages.

#10. The pro’s
Kind of a combination between the moms and the dads and the Geeky Geek’s, because they only use the Internet for a specific purpose (business) and know very well how to use it in the best possible way.

So there you have it, so far my top 10 of the types you most likely find online. Have you encountered any different strangers, then please let me know! Until then, try to not live up to one of these profiles, a combination is probably better. Cheerios!


”One day, one day I will find you, ” she said to yourself.
”You’re not gone, not yet. It is therefore that I am certain we can set this straight. Right?
It’s been tough lately, and probably if we continue it’s going to be a whole lot tougher, but I am up for it. I am commited to give it my all; my heart, my soul, my life. My vision of the world includes you,




I cannot breathe nor sleep when a day passes by without some soft words whispered in my ear, without a gentle nod to show me you noticed me, being here, alive and all. I am following the curves of the ocean, just like my mother told me when I was younger. In my memories I follow the vague lines that emerge on the horizon, all the way until infinity. I listen to the wind speaking to me, and I feel the gleaming rays of sunlight touch my heat, gently. That’s how it’s supposed to be, how I am supposed to feel. Right?
The immense amount of sand remembers me of my ungoing passion which is so hard to put in words. Endless and overwhelming, noticable in every direction you look. 

I feel it burning right in me, through me, as flames that keep receiving oxygen and eventually evolve into a bonfire. 

Like I said, I am here and now, there’s no there and then. 

Please, follow me along.”

She turned away with a slow pace, looked down to the ground.
If only practice would make perfect, if it would show you all the possible outcomes. If it only would have been that simple..
”But hey, what do you know, you’re only a mirror. Right?”

I can’t find the light.

Sounds deep doesn’t it? Well this one does not come along with a whole spiral of deep thoughts and reflections about life, though it also does not deal with Sean Pauls interpretation of it (”Gimme the Light”). I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, to be honest, and I know I do not normally share my own thoughts about my personal life on this blog so directly, but I think it would be good to try. I have always ruined so many papers of different diaries with all my chat, nonsense and I don’t know what, and obviously the internet can function as a solution to this pollution – aren’t my rhyming skills tremendously good?

Anyways, back to the point. As I was following an information session about studying/ internships abroad the other day, I realized for a clear moment where I am at in my life:
A second year communication student, I recently joined a global non-profit student organisation (AIESEC) and that’s it… I don’t have straight A’s on my record, haven’t achieved something which would be worth a Noble prize. I am just.. me. And trust me, it was not my intention to feel sorry for myself or anything, I just realized that the educational system is a battlefield. I am fortunate enough to have education but still, that does not necessarily mean that you’re in, you’ve made it; now you can go do all the stuff you wanted. Hell no. If I would just continue on the same pace, finish my studies, do a masters and then apply for a prestigious job they would probably laugh at me.
”Who do you think you are, with your degree and all?! No life experience?!”

You know it’s true, it is not enough to be educated. It’s funny how all the morals, general assumptions are referring to ”if you are smart enough, you will get there”. Which is partly true, and the same applies for athletes as well. They may be the biggest talents in ages, but if they don’t work for it, create their own chances, fight for it, enlighten their paths, they will never make it into the top 3 at the Olympic Games. Ambition and motivation is key, and yes a little intelligence or a little talent is definitely needed.

It’s nice to realize that I am just a teny tiny person in a big world, who is in search of her own light. And of course in a way we are all doing the same – except for the royals because they get to be born and bathe around in greatness – which kind of soothes me. But still, the more as I see others as my equals, the more competition I got.

I know I mocked at him at first but seriously, where is Sean Paul when you need him?

Dear me, stop making it seem that way. Unwrap that tiny heart of yours and leave it open for once, instead of tucking it back in the blankets whenever it gets too scary.
A new wind can be refreshing, embrace it.


Probably not. There’s a reason why people say life is full of surprises, and honestly, nobody ever likes those. I’m not talking about surprise gifts or parties – although there are freaks out there who get as excited as I am when I have had too much sugar – or anything in that direction, I’m talking about events, situations that are unforeseen. That’s what makes life so unpredictable  and yet scary at the same time. But hey, you know what they say:







All human beings, by nature, desire to know. – Aristotle.

I absolutely do not – emphasize on DO NOT – understand how people can keep on yabbing and yabbing about how unpredictable animals are but still question fate anyways.
Earlier this week I was behaving as an absolute internet-junkie when I checked out some Youtube-clips about ‘agressive’ lions. People were taking them by the hand, ‘cuddling’ them and still they totally acted malicious and angry when the lion all of a sudden decides to make some playful/agressive connection, which, in some cases, obviously leads to actually attacking the human species. The thing is that afterwards their trainers preach and preach about how unexpected this was even though at the start of the video, they stress how dangerous these wildcats are.

”Honestly, this is nothing like Tofu. She is one of the most precious wildcats I have ever worked with, she had a clean record for years, and now this desastrous event occured.. ” (talking about someone’s arm who almost got ripped off). Didn’t you just say that working with these animals is extremely dangerous and that it is in fact, a very STUPID THING TO WALK AROUND IN THEIR TERRITORY WHILE THEY ARE STILL AWAKE. Seriously, I need some more information about this because my brain is working hard to understand every inch of this, to place the pieces of this puzzle, but somehow it just doen’t fit.

Animals change because we, innocent little humans, interfere with their lives! I watched a doucmentary about Ol Pejeta, a conservancy in Kenya, where they released rhinos from Russia and you don’t see those people running around the safari with the rhinos, smiling joyfully at the sun and being happy and shit, right? I don’t know, is it me or society? I’m hoping for the latter.

Vicuous, annoying, agitating, frustrating, irritating, nerve-racking, depressing, face-smackingly non-slimming Jetlags. They creep in whilst you are still on your flight to somewhere on the other side of the world – or to the country next door – and you barely feel the effects of it at first.

It’s start with the sleep deprivation. Your eyelids refuse to close throughout the next eight hours and you think you feel fine, but by morning you know you’re screwed. It sounds like a child’s dream coming true: staying up all night and Lionel Richie sings along with your new anthem.

The second little creeper is the urge to keep eating since you are awake anyway and what makes you more hungry than watching movies, playing Mario Kart and checking the clock 50.000 times to see if you’re there yet. And face it, the extra sugar – I always crave for the sugar – makes you believe you can conquer the world and so, sleep.

Then the real shit gets down to business: the emotional instability. There are diverse opinions about this from scientist to scientist , they either argue this stage is the worst, others say nothing compares to a growling belly, starving for just the taste of some sugarcubes on the tongue.
Anyways, the emotional instability may vary in all sorts of forms.
It is either anxiety:
”Do I have all my important papers?” ”Did I put all the souvenirs in the suitcase?” ”Wait, where’s my baby?!” 

Or the I-miss-someone/something-soooooo-much:
”I miss my boyfriend!” ”Why did I leave my shoes over there… they weren’t completely worn out yet!”

The state of not recalling where you are or what time it is:
”What day is it?” ”Did I miss Chinese New Year?”

Or the WHY-state:
”Why does the person next to me keep farting and makes my eyes tear up?”

Please note: a combination of all above states is possible too. 

And then the frustrations hit you in the face: ”Why did I leave so soon?” ”I hate my life I don’t want to go back!” ”My nails look awful, WHY?!!!!”
The last phase of this one: annoyance.
You can’t sleep, they won’t feed you (in time) and you’re anxious, frustrated and gothic-like. You’ll then hit the acceptation process knowing you won’t be able to change the situation sometime soon so you just deal with it… Until you come home….

You think you will solve your Jetlag by sleeping as much as possible and eating as much possible to reduce the emotional side-effects. Sounds logical, right? WRONG! HUGE MISTAKE!
Sleeping during daytime makes you more sleepy and makes you more likely to have awful looooonnng nights, re-thinking about every mistake you have ever made in your life (more depression, more depression). Eating as much as possible does the same time, besides the fact that it makes you an ugly fat dog, (sugar sugar sugar) and so, the emotional instability will still be there, watching you undergoing every single step over and over again. The vicious cycle has commenced and it feels like there is no end. Dark days in history will be written…

It is true folks, Jetlags are not our friends, they are our frenemies. We love them at first – watching movies and eating all night on on the plane yay! Lionel Richie: YAY! Still stoked about the amazing trip you just made, YAY! – and then they go ahead and stab you in the back. I hate them!


…that is until I am mature enough to deal with it, actually get myself to set my alarm clock and eat on the appropriate times of the day…


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